Hey all – hope your days have been fantastic!

We leave this week for our mission trip in Egypt. 1thingisneeded is going to hit up our three pillars of mission:

  1. Working with orphanages.  The children from St Mary’s and St. Samuel’s houses from age 9-18. We’ve got a couple great days planned – full of learning on self-esteem and grit + growth mindset. For last year, we covered the boys’ school fees, and this upcoming year, your donations will be supporting their schooling and transportation.
  2. Teaching at Egypt Eyes School. This is a k-12 English-speaking school established to bring about English language to the under-served. 1thingisneeded will be doing a 3 day seminar for faculty and professional development for the teachers there. This will be our 2nd time doing so – the last time was in September of 2018.
  3. Clinic. We will be seeing patients from the communities of King Mariout outside of Alexandria. Our focus is those who lack access to care. We saw many of these patients in December 2018, and our goal is to continue having continuity and a sustainable model to see these patients every 6 months.

We’re excited!

What can you do to help? Well – pray! That is by far the most important. Next, try to come on our next trip! you can mark your calendars, as it will be at the end of December 2018. Wherever you are – We can always use a willing hand, and a loving heart.


Lastly, we have some good news! We’ve received our approval for 1thingisneeded becoming a non-profit organization – we hope you’re excited!

The goal is to show the world they’re valued, and loved. You can definitely do that.

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