Good day, reader!

I pray this entry finds you full of heavenly Joy. And that your Lenten time is full of cultivating growth.

Last September – I got a great opportunity to go to Egypt and teach at a school. This is an English school, based in an underserved community. We were there and were able to give the teachers somewhat of a “CE” course.

It was lovely. We hit on topics like: mental health awareness, anxiety and depression amongst the children, signs and symptoms and treatments for abuse, classroom management, the love of teaching and educational program planning.

We gave them certificates for completing our course, and we were bidding them farewell.

But this was not enough.

The community of King Mariout, Egypt has touched our heart. And we intended to come back, so we did.

In December, we returned with a new mission in mind. We came with a larger group and we hit (and established) the 3 pillars of 1thingisneeded: teaching, healing, visiting.

These commands came from the Lord Christ, and were exemplified in His salvific life.

We served in clinics serving more than 400 patients with medical, dental, audiological, and pharmaceutical services – free of charge.

While we were there, we established relations with St Mary’s and St Samuel the Confessor’s homes for girls and boys.

It was a lovely time, filled with prayer, service, liturgy, and fun.

We were then able to keep these relations for sustainability. This project will continue to grow – but we need your help.

Volunteer your time, your prayer, or even donations and social media presence.

July 6-10, 2019 will be our next mission! Come join!

Here’s a link to our survey to sign up:

Here’s our promotional video, share it and use the #1thingisneeded in your post!

Be well. Blessed fast.

Glory to the Holy Trinity.

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