It’s been a long time coming…but our first video is finally here!

This is our first step to getting our non-profit organization off the ground – to let the world know we are “Made in God’s Image”.

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Hope you all have a wonderful day. Let’s pursue purity, together.



This a poem. The premiere. My first time playing poet.       
You know, I’ve pondered in the past. Pensive. 
I’ve recognized that pens aren’t often picked up to purely preach about purity.
And young hearts aren’t primed for seeking true and deep beauty.
I want to pose for you my problem 
Should I pursue the prides of the world? 
Piling up pearls like money, clothes, cars and girls? 
or, do I toss them? Making The Pearl of great price my priority. 
The pinnacle of holiness. 
My personal purity. 
listen – 
Daniel purposed in his heart to pray, to plunder paganism. 
He pivoted away from Babylonian pressures. 
Patient, he planned to pick what his previous home had taught him. 
I’ve pinned down a plan to pursue purity like him
And its probably been pitched before – “to pursue purity”
The perfect tense, imperative. 
Not perfect like past, but perfect like hopeful, opportunistic, positive.
Perfect like act. Perfect like do. 
Now, is the perfect tense in which to pitch a protective fence, surrounding my imperfections, keeping in the pure, and out, the items to shun.
Pursue protection why? 
to pursue protection, one must not permit satan in as an impostor. Place Christ alone as my king, none other will I foster. 
to pursue purity, one must preserve privacy in their posture. a prayerful strife, sound, long-suffering and lawful.
Not like Pilate – permitting the crowds to plummet his pompous personality. 
Panicking under political pressures to please the prince of this world. 
Placing the Prince of Peace, on the Cross – pierced. 
Pride was the pilot of Pilate’s life.
But like Paul, transformed by the renewal of his mind, because he patiently sought truth, and piety.
He teaches us
“…to possess (my) own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in passion of lust;”
‭‭I Thessalonians‬ ‭4:4-5‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
Not like Potiphar’s wife, but like Joseph – fleeing Potiphar’s house to save his life. 
Even if it placed him near the possibility of Potiphar’s knife. avoiding that same lust – he sought honor before God, even if it meant imprisonment and strife. 
Like Peter. Persistent, in light of perpetual drownings. 
Triple denials didn’t phase his plan, or prevent his pursuit. 
To pursue purity, I possess all these examples before me.
But the problem is pride.
It’s possibly, impossible to purify. 
As pride pries away, pulling apart my will from my heart, like Paul the apostle preaches. That which I want to do, I do not do. I have faults. 
But, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”
and here, confessed, are my many sins done in the dark, so I can seek god, see God, and strive to be meek, like God
So put your sins Down here with me.
Don’t you agree? that this world’s pursuit of happiness 
leaves us smiling and laughing less?
dry, with heartache, constantly in crisis, tense?
I’m  past pampering my passive-ness
I want to place my soul into Your hands, Lord, nothing less 
so at the end of the days, You’ll tell me ‘well done my faithful servant you’ve passed the test.
Come inherit the kingdom I’ve prepared for you. Have some Rest. 
Lord, how you must pity us, who value such petty products of deception?
I’m sure you desire with every heart beat, every pulse, purity is pumped from my core into perception
Pushed through my veins, like oxygen, from my pulmonary system, providing life for my organs 
thats the problem – this is the plague of impurity 
now, pin this on your hearts 
Let’s plan to prevent our paths from straying away from the Lord
Primarily, how do we portray ourselves? these profile pictures for the world to see
I must stop pacifying my passions 
I propose we start a whole new page 
Pure. Honest. Having boundaries and lines
Prolific, with His image, not mine.  
a new premise, making our past, foreign. 
Primed on the perfection He has stored in, 
                                        me, and you,
                                        intertwined with His glory 
                                        perpetuating his Kingdom, as the continuation of His story. 
And – back to purity 
No more premature, pre-pubertal, passive Christianity.
Plump – always filling the self with the self seeking indulgences, the picnic of impure rations.
As a snack, we pop popcorn – how heat alters our firm core, puffing up our pride, with a microwave of attention
As a side, potato salad, piled high – addictive pleasures that won’t change me. At least that’s my prediction. 
And for dinner, our prime rib, the pornographic plethora of passions, 
and we wash it down with the pink lemonade, power-seeking, polytheistic views of the nations. 
So, are you hungry yet?
why don’t we
Instead of getting “turnt up” physically
Always tryin to party
Let’s turn up-ward
Push past just the milk, 
-let us plea 
with Paul for solid food
that He
the Prince of peace
may grant us to be
in paradise, 
free from negativity 
and from the punctured bag we call life
that will ever remain empty – without the healing power of purity
to pursue purity
how do I APPLY ?
The pursuit needs Punctuation. when to stop, and when to oblige  
We must plan to pause
plan to pray
plan for a cause 
because seeking sex, alcohol, and drugs wont take me down His way. 
The way.
                and life
Plan to be done,
Plan to claim a victory, thats already been won.
Plan for persistence,
because even when I fall, Christ is visible in the distance, drawing near in an instant. 
And Plan to put God as preference 
Heaven (even while here on earth) as the goal
Purity as the means, to remain in control 
But look, I’ve perverted His Perfection! 
I’ve fallen to all of the above. 
possibly perfected the art of ruining His 
But we must remember, His love, His forgiveness, paints over our impure past
I can be purified. Communion with Him
But before that, the fraction “purify our souls, our bodies, our spirits, our hearts, our eyes, our understandings, our thoughts, our consciences” 
Don’t say it passively – but pray it. Actively. 
Every day, peeling off the old man, putting on the new me – changing from within
Like the woman with the issue of blood, rejected by people, 
she peered at Him through the crowds, 
she picked to ignore social norms, 
she plotted to be purified when she pressed towards Him. 
He perceived that Power left Him. Pressed by the crowds. 
She knew that penalty left her. 
She proclaimed to His palliative power in the presence of others. 
He responded- go in peace
So draw near to touch Him.
Plea with Him.
Pursue him. 
So today – 
Let’s change how We
speak, eat and dress, 
Let’s not look for hookups, getting high, or getting lit – or any of that mess
Let’s see our sisters in purity, and judge our brothers less
Let’s be meek, discipled, more like Christ, and like our old selves – less
#1thingisneeded – let’s pivot. let’s be different. 
And that life we always hear about- let’s live it. 
Lets pursue purity. 

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