So prior to writing my first real entry, I assume it is proper blogger-etiquette to write some sort of ‘about me’ section in which I greet the online world and introduce myself. I also assume its important to establish some sort of tone of voice that the readers can grow accustomed to hearing when they periodically chime in to scroll through one’s writings.

I don’t really know how to do either. 

In all honesty, I’ve never kept a blog. So why start now? Have too much free time on my hands? Certainly not. 

I sat comfortably with my parents around the kitchen table at their house this weekend, enjoying a bowl of piping hot lentil soup (3ats – for the Egyptians). My beautiful mother (I’m sure you will here plenty about her in writings to come) said “only one thing is needed”. In Arabic of course. She repeated it quite a few times throughout the conversation (reprimanding me…), inevitably bringing my attention to the Biblical reference. Such beautiful parenting 🙂

And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.
But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (‭Luke‬ ‭10‬:‭41-42‬ NKJV)

And just like that – the idea was born. Standard, cartoon-like, lightbulb style.

Speaking of ‘born’, here go my formalities: I was born in Cairo, Egypt. Born to two wonderful teachers, with a younger sister and we left to the beautiful USA when I was 3. Elementary, middle, high, undergrad, med school. And now in residency. Long road? You bet. Love God, family, travel, medicine, sports, music, laughing, and friends. Is that enough of an intro? Hope so.

My sister and I (as I’m sure, you can relate) were brought up in a world where many things could distract us. Our minds are still constantly tugged on from every which direction, causing confusion, and frankly, exhaustion. You only get exhausted though when you aren’t just floating around in the waves. If you’re swimming with any sense of direction, life can quickly become very draining. 

The Orthodox Christian life has been a fundamental part of my upbringing, and while I have strayed this way and that, it has always presented only 1 Truth, only 1 direction, and only 1 goal. 

If you’re anything like me, there are times in your life that you may feel tired/confused, and wish (silently, maybe) for some direction. Some straightforward, simplified, direct statements of truth that can shed some light on our real-life situations. The church presents these nuggets to us even if we don’t have our bearings in-line with the correct direction. Having some sight of the 1 Truth is vital to our potential for correction.

Hence, this blog. With each entry, God willing, we will find some Biblical truth, view it in the light of the Church Fathers’ guidance, and then we will have 1 applicable takeaway.

Let us pray that together, in Christ, we may learn that only 1thingisneeded. 


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