4-24-2016 – The Creator’s Hands: 2000 Years Ago

Take a look and listen to this beautiful work. Let the lyrics sink in.

Shoutout to our ladies in South Carolina who pieced this thing together!

Perfect example of using their passion and talent for the Lord’s work.
We need more of this! Calling all artists of any sort!

Let’s show the world that #1thingisneeded

#2000yearsago #thecreatorshands #madeingodsimage

1-22-2016 – Pursue Purity

God willing – we’ll have more edifying and entertaining content

But – we can’t do this alone!

How you can get involved? How can you help? Go to our Contact Us page and let us know what you’d like to offer. Songs, spoken word poetry, messages, whatever! We even need help with video editing and art/logo work as well. (we’re flexible and looking for help! The harvest is GREAT!)